Wildlife Classes & Trainings

Eagle's View: A Guided Nature Walk
Saturday June 14th, 10:30am or 1 pm
Ages 8 and up
Seek the home of the mighty eagle on this epic journey through the cultural history and landscapes of Seward Park. Under the canopy of the magnificent forest you will learn about the plants, animals and ecosystems that support eagle and his family. On the shores of lake Washington you will touch the sedimentary bed rock that roots his humble home and learn about the tectonic forces that shaped our city. After a hike across the park you will have a chance to use our viewing scope to check out one of the two eagle nests in the park and search for baby eagles.  Guided by expert naturalist Mikhaila Gonzales this eagle viewing opportunity only comes once a year so get your tickets early here. http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/706781

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