Wildlife Classes & Trainings

Urban Naturalist Series- John Marzluff

Wednesday, November 19

6:00 - 8:00pm

FREE No pre-registration required

Best known for his research with crows and other corvids in his day job at the University of Washington's School of Environmental and Forest Sciences, Dr. John Marzluff is also an entertaining and engaging presenter! Have drinks and nibbles at the Royal Room while learning the latest about John's adventures with birds. This time he explores the biological diversity of our suburbs in his latest book, Welcome to Surbirdia. This event is free and open to the public. 

White-fronted Geese at Tule Lake
Dave Menke/USFWS

Arctic Visitors and the Birds of Winter

Saturday: November 22

$10--Scholarships available

Ages 12 and up

Have you ever imagined flying south for the winter to a warmer and sunnier climate? For all our arctic visitors Seward Park is their tropical paradise. In this field-based course, you will meet international vagabonds such as water birds rafting up to protect from ravenous eagles. Most of the time will be spent outdoors and you will learn much about the park's climate, history and ecology in addition to bird behavior and migration. A fantastic introduction to our natural history classes with no previous experience needed. Binoculars and all supplies are provided. Register here

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